To relieve pain, reduce inflammation and steadily improve healing processes, it is often very useful to deliver homeopathic and herbal remedies in place in the form of injections. This has the advantage, on the one hand, in that the agents do not have to pass through the long gastrointestinal tract and that the effect is manifested faster and more purposefully. Especially in the musculoskeletal system, for example, Homeopathic injections are very helpful for degeneration of the intervertebral disc, osteoarthritis, acute lumbago, wound healing.

Stopping is a form of stimulating therapy based on negative pressure in the so-called cans. Stopping stimulates the immune system, metabolism and lymph flow. In particular, this method of treatment has proven itself in muscle tension, hardening, pain and stagnation in tissues. Two forms are used in cups. It depends on whether there is anemia or blood supply in the treatment area.

Dry stopping. The glasses for the glass are heated before being placed on the skin to create a vacuum. This is where the effect of therapeutic absorption occurs. Bloody stopping This is a combination of stopping and artificially caused bleeding. The area to be treated is slightly scratched, and then the nozzle head is put on. This allows blood and old slag to flow out of the tissue. After the relief procedure, the patient feels a pleasant and light feeling, as the energy conditions are balanced again.

Chiropractic, discovered by an American, has been used almost exclusively by naturopaths for decades, but is now also recognized by doctors. It is based on the knowledge that by correcting dislocations of the vertebrae (that is, displacement of the vertebrae), it is possible to eliminate blockages and disturbances of the nerves arising between the vertebrae, and thus, in many cases, long-term improvement can be achieved.

Massage. Massage relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and, thus, removes deposited toxic substances and nutrient reserves. Various forms, such as classic massage, connective tissue massage, and foot reflexology massage, prepare for many other types of therapy, but can also be the only means of relaxation and well-being.

European herbal medicine. The herbs that have been used for centuries in our culture are now scientifically tested and have an accurate profile of action, so many medicinal plants are still used in medicine. For example, it is very well known about injuries or old bruises. Arnica and comfrey, marigolds for wounds, and yarrow for the stomach and liver.

Leech Therapy. Leech is a painkiller by nature and is one of the most effective methods of treating joint pain associated with arthrosis, venous diseases such as varicose veins or swollen legs, stubborn bruises and gout or rheumatism.

Intestinal rehabilitation. So many complaints about joints are so constant because the intestines are unbalanced. The intestines are the largest surface of the body, and its health is extremely important. Whether due to antibiotics, an unbalanced diet, or (often unknown) food incompatibility, the intestinal mucosa is irritated and the bacterial population is no longer in optimal composition. A bowel cleansing, individually adapted, brings a lot of new energy, and any chronic complaints are easier to treat.

Tibetan impulse healing. With the help of an impulse, the body is brought to deep relaxation, in which old tensions and regularities can be dissolved. This work is based on powerful methods that induce the body to self-healing and has been used in Tibet and China. Through a special type of eye reading, we learn which area of the body needs the most support and healing, and can directly affect it through certain points.

A wide range of treatments. In addition to a thorough interview and clinical examination, many other diagnostic options are available:

  • blood tests
  • urine and feces through the laboratory
  • urination (for digestive functions)
  • Chinese pulse and language diagnostics
  • traditional European eye diagnostics.
  • In addition, palpation (keys) of meridians is used to deepen physical and energy results.