Understanding and restoring health. There is no topic that captivates people as much as health. But often only when he is out of balance or completely lost. Described by many as the highest good, it follows relatively simple laws. We will try to describe them here and show in the second part how to help people in the practice of body therapy restore and get them using a combination of best practices.

The three areas of health depend more on the three areas of exercise, relationships, and nutrition. Each area spans the entire person, from large to small, changing our inherited constitution from conception to death. Thus, movement is not only how many hours you run or spend in the fitness center, but also how we move in everyday life. This also applies to rhythm, activity and rest, wakefulness, sleep, and so on.

We also talk about inner flexibility, flexibility and flexible thinking. Relations are also implied holistically. What is my relationship with God – or the meaning of life? Good relationships are also needed in partnerships with other people. Finally, there is a connection with one’s own being, thinking, feelings, and actions.

The food can finally be animal or vegetarian, vegan or mixed. Stimulants and nutritional supplements are added. Water, air, light and color play a big role. In mental and spiritual diversity even more. It ranges from media headlines to spiritual texts, art in general, lullaby and rock opera.

The right measure. The most important requirement for a healthy life, I think, is the search for the “right measure” in all things. Just as in nature, every process is regulated, whether by length, duration of life and countless other qualities, it is also important for us people to find the right measure and live in accordance with it.

Modern life has not made this task easy for us. In fact, it is often difficult for us to automatically feel when something is missing or too much already. Unfortunately, modern life does not automatically support health. Often the natural regulatory potential that we mainly own is easy to eliminate. The appetite is controlled by flavor enhancers, sugar and artificial sweeteners. Our relationship, as a rule, is based on social restrictions, and not on natural sympathy and antipathy.

 Mobility also suffers, on the one hand, from a sedentary lifestyle, and on the other hand, from extreme sports. Although we have the most expensive healthcare system of all time, the so-called civilizational diseases are growing at an alarming rate. These include not only allergies, heart disease, cancer and dementia, but also the so-called mental disorders, depression, exhaustion, and panic attacks. All this can be verified by modern medicine, but not cured. Of course, every person’s self-healing abilities are less and less important.

Environmental burdens, social constraints and a lack of knowledge about real life needs contribute to this. But more than ever, we really have a choice, to do something or to allow. What we can do?

First, it seems important to restore our healthy sensitivity. This means that we must learn to pay attention to our body again. How does he feel from the inside? Can we feel it everywhere? How are my fingers at the moment? Are you warm or cold? What is the tension in the arch of the foot? How is contact with the earth? How is my back? Does he get up easily or does he need support? What is it on the neck? Is the head sitting there easily? How do I feel after eating? How to get up in the morning? What do I feel when I think about my work, my boss, subordinates, acquaintances or opponents?

Thousands of such questions can be asked, and I mean, this is what we have to do. Of course not always, but again and again. The next step is to ask yourself what feelings arise. Enjoy the pleasant and ask us rather unpleasant questions: what do I need there? To help you feel better?

What is easy for one, almost self-evident, can be a great test for the other. Many have not needed the natural ability to feel and feel for a long time. These are people who, in my opinion, are at greatest risk. Each car has several warning lights on the dashboard. If you ignore it under lighting or even disable it, damage is inevitable. What do we do when we take drugs or drugs, painkillers and sedatives? Is not their beneficial effect just a misconception about health? What happens to us when we have surgery? How about our addiction?